Skin conditions such as chronic eczema or dermatitis are more than skin deep.

Although impaired skin integrity is a feature of eczema, it tends to have a genetic component and an underlying immune defect and food intolerances. In addition, a range of environmental factors, such as soaps and shampoos and chemicals in cleaning products and cosmetics may trigger or worsen eczema. Other allergens such as pets may also contribute.

Many skin products marketed for eczema are not helpful. They common contain petrochemicals and potentially irritating preservatives, in addition they may fail to properly penetrate and hydrate the skin. Treatments are not curative, rather they are designed to suppress symptoms, and in long term steroid-containing creams thin the skin, which is obviously detrimental.

At Viva Naturopathic Clinic, we recognise that eczema is an internal condition that must be treated accordingly. We treat the underlying causes by identifying potential food intolerances, balancing immunity and repairing gastrointestinal integrity. We also suggest only genuinely hydrating and chemical-free products to soothe and repair dry and inflamed skin.