Type 2 Diabetes is driven by inflammation. Also known as NIDDM (Non Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus), it is not initially caused by a lack of insulin.

Over the many years of Diabetes, insulin production does indeed decline. But this exacerbates rather than causes this form of Diabetes

In fact, chronic low grade systemic ( whole body ) inflammation drives NIDDM. Also known as inflammaging, this explains the vast array of adverse health outcomes associated with this form of Diabetes. Recent understandings highlight that inflammation damaging small blood vessels (“microcirculation”) is a critical event in this process.

This inflammation causes insulin resistance (insulin becomes less and less effective as your pancreas produces more insulin to overcome this loss of effectiveness). The classic sign of this is abdominal weight gain (visceral obesity – fat ). Many may know it as the classic “beer gut”, though you don’t have to drink beer to get it.

This coincides with impairment of your livers’ capacity to break down fats and often leads to your liver accumulating these toxic fats. This is a vital part in the inflammation story as your liver plays a key role in reducing systemic inflammation. ( A happy liver is a happy life!!)

Despite modern medical treatment slowing down the progression , diabetics still on average live shorter lives with more serious health complications. ( kidney disease, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, dementia, nerve damage and loss of eyesight). A frightening picture indeed!


But it can be reversed. The earlier you start the better


A recent client highlights the improvement that can occur. Neil G of Seacliff came to see me just after being diagnosed with diabetes.









Diabetes Facts

A precursor to this form of Diabetes (NIDDM), is metabolic syndrome.

It shows up as

        • elevated triglycerides, LDL (bad cholesterol)
        • reduced HDL (good cholesterol)
        • increasing blood pressure
        • waist circumference > 102 cm
        • elevated fasting blood glucose ( > 6.1)
        • elevated uric acid
        • impaired glucose tolerance ( after eating, drinking)
        • erectile dysfunction
        • falling testosterone, rising oestrogen ( a big problem for men!!)

These are signs and goalposts in the development of NIDDM, but also a way of assessing progress with treatment through food, lifestyle and supplementation.

We also focus on

      • stress reduction
      • sleep , sleep quality
      • chemical exposure and detoxification
      • increasing activity/exercise (coming aerobic and resistance)
      • intestinal health
    • Diabetes can be reversed by focusing on the core drivers of inflammation. Research has shown a variety of herbs and nutritionals can restore your bodies ability to reverse this inflammation and restore your blood sugar control
  • These treatments lead to weight loss (if overweight) , improved blood sugar control along with improved cholesterol levels, blood pressure and mental health