Do you suffer from the pain and diarrhoea of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?


Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis can cause debilitating symptoms such as diarrhoea, pain, fever, nutritional deficiencies and weight loss. Both are classified as Inflammatory Bowel Disease and share some underlying features. However, they can have quite different disabling symptoms and usually affect different parts of the bowel.


Lets talk about Crohn’s Disease  (CD) first.

Even though current medical options have improved quality of life, they come with significant side effects.

Also 80 % of Crohn’s sufferers will have a bowel resection (bowel segment removed) along with up to 57% chance of having 2 or more operations of this type by after 15 years (with current treatments)



CD involves 3 main factors occurring together

  1. Increased intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”) and impaired detoxification
  2. Infection (usually bacterial, occasionally viral)
  3. Food intolerances

It is now considered that infection is a major factor in the development of Crohn’s and as such forms a basis for my treatment approach. Eradicating the harmful microbes and encouraging the growth of healthy microbes are a must. It is more than  just probiotics and caution is needed as some medications preclude the use of probiotics


Both Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis patients often feel frustrated by the medical approach of controlling symptoms and are concerned about the side effects of immunosuppressant drugs. For some people, there is a very real concern that surgery may be necessary. However, surgery does not address the underlying causes. In particular, Crohn’s Disease may recur at the site of resection, or in other locations throughout the gastrointestinal tract

Infection is almost always associated with Ulcerative Colitis, and it may also be a complicating factor in Crohn’s Disease. Unfortunately, medical approaches to treating infection in these cases are not effective, and may worsen the conditions. In Crohn’s disease, underlying impairments in intestinal membrane integrity must be treated. Without this improvements rarely happens and naturopathic treatment to remedy this forms an essential part of our treatment approach. In addition, food intolerances are common in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Diets that remove common antigens – or foods known to cause inflammation – have been found to induce remission and can be as effective as some medications used.

At Viva Naturopathic Clinic we aim to treat the underlying causes of Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. In addition, we aim to restore the intestinal health and treat any underlying infections that are often a major causative factor in Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Where necessary, we use pathology testing to fully investigate the causes and presence of infection.

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