Beyond beauty sleep…
Anyone who struggles to sleep recognises that poor sleep impacts on mood, concentration and memory. What people may be less aware of is that regular sleep deprivation is also associated with a number of chronic health conditions, such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Poor sleep is also likely to contribute to impaired immune function.
The medications that people rely on to help them sleep impair sleep architecture and reduce sleep quality. Commonly people feel dizzy or drowsy the next morning, and medications may also cause addiction, erratic behaviours and rebound insomnia. Alcohol also worsens sleep quality. Although it initially has a sedative effect and people may fall to sleep more easily, it leads to more wakefulness during the night, as during its processing it stimulates the brain.
At Viva Naturopathic Clinic we recognise the importance of getting to the real cause of your sleep problems. Insomnia can be caused by a chronic pain condition, anxiety, sinus congestion, menopausal symptoms, and more. We believe it is important to address the individual factors that are causing sleep disturbance. We are also able to use natural sleep products that actually improve sleep quality and consequently do not lead to drowsiness the next day.