Many of the triggers for migraines are known: hormonal fluctuations, stress, blood sugar drops, lack of sleep and dietary triggers. It is also important to rule out structural musculo-skeletal problems of the neck. Triggers are likely to vary markedly between sufferers, and while some people are well aware of their triggers, others have difficulty pin-pointing them.

However, the cause of migraines is still poorly understood. What we do know is that migraine sufferers are more likely to have high homocysteine, which is caused by faulty amino acid breakdown. High levels of homocysteine are also linked to increased risk of heart attacks, stroke and depression. This corresponds to research showing that migraine sufferers have an increased risk of stroke.

The good news is that homocysteine can be reduced by nutritional supplementation. In fact, using a specific, high dose combination of B vitamins has been found to reduce both homocysteine and migraine severity and frequency. In addition, reducing inflammation, another probable cause of migraine is also likely to be beneficial. Other nutritional and herbal supplements also significantly benefit migraine sufferers.

At Viva Naturopathic Clinic we believe that migraine relief is about much more than pain killers. Although nutritional supplements can be used to help relieve pain, we seek to identify and reduce your triggers, and may suggest food intolerance testing to identify culprits in your diet. In addition we recognise the importance of treating the underlying factors. The advantage of this approach is that not only will it reduce the pain and debility of migraines, but also lower the risk of other serious health conditions.