About Me

Craig Wainwright

As a naturopath and pharmacist, I am in a unique position to offer comprehensive health solutions. Since beginning my pharmacy practice in 1989, I have become increasingly aware that whilst modern medicine is good at alleviating symptoms, it neglects to find and treat the many causes of ill health. Not only can Naturopathic treatment reduce these symptoms, it can also find and repair the causes of ill health. Treatments can be combined safely with many pharmaceutical treatments, often reducing the need for medication. I am particularly interested in complex health conditions, as I believe that there is an enormous scope for Naturopathic medicine to provide powerful antidotes in hard-to-treat diseases.

I am also passionate about the marked benefits of a whole foods diet and incorporating food as medicine into everyday eating (no fad diets here!) and helping people realise this can even be delicious. Combined with lifestyle changes, Naturopathy has a powerful ability to prevent, as well as treat ill-health and I find it exciting to make genuine improvements in people’s health and well-being