Treatment Options

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine is safe and effective, and able to treat the underlying cause of disease rather than just the symptoms. Herbal medicine is underpinned by the philosophy of stimulating the innate healing force and although it retains a holistic approach that treats the whole person, it is also informed by a research-based, biomedical approach. Many herbs work by positively influencing gene expression and are considered by many to be smart drugs! We stock an extensive herbal dispensary so that we can individualise all herbal formulas for our client’s needs. However, we can also use tablet combinations for clients who prefer. We only use the highest quality practitioner only brands, as the best health outcomes using herbal medicine can only be produced with a thorough knowledge of correct plant species, part and ideal method of extraction.

Nutritional medicine

At its most basic level, nutritional medicine corrects deficiencies and prevents disease. However, it is now recognised that this view is too simplistic, and we need to go beyond recommended daily intakes to restore optimum health and as part of an evidence-based approach to treating specific conditions. As we gain a greater understanding of our unique genetic blueprints, it is now understood that some people require greater amounts of nutrients than others for health. Take, for example, the widely discussed MTHFR gene that demands a greater amount of readily utilisable folate and folic acid for those who carry this genetic polymorphism. We only stock the highest quality practitioner only brands, whose formulas reflect the latest research and correspond with the most bioavailable forms of nutrients, which have undergone stringent quality testing.


Our dietary recommendations are individually tailored as we recognise that eating is social, cultural and emotional, as well as for health. We often have to fit cooking around a busy lifestyle and consider other family members. So while we believe that diet is the foundation for good health, we won’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We also adhere to the adage of food as medicine, and believe specific dietary inclusions can be very successful as part of a treatment protocol.


Once again we tailor this to you, and encourage you to take this on as much as you desire. We also highlight areas which are most important, dependent on your health priorities. For a woman with a strong cancer history in her family, we can advise about preferable cosmetics and natural cleaning products to reduce the chemical and xeno-oestrogen load. As part of an overall treatment plan we may similarly make recommendations for a woman undertaking a preconception plan. We know that most clients are informed about their health, and know that exercise is necessary but may need the added incentive of understanding what type of exercise is best for their unique health needs.