Thyroid Woes?

Are you taking thyroxine and still tired and still gaining weight?

An underactive thyroid leads to weight gain, fatigue, depression, dry skin and hair and many other symptoms. Although thyroxine may improve some symptoms, it does not fix the underlying cause and many people continue to struggle with fatigue and weight gain. Despite being on thyroxine, people often feel worse over time. This can be very frustrating when your doctor says your blood tests are all fine. Although the medical focus tends to be solely on TSH results, current medical research has shown this to be inadequate. By looking at more specific measures of thyroid function, such as free T3 and free T4, as well as thyroid antibodies, we can gain a better understanding of your condition.

New research

Emerging research has now shown, even with a normal TSH (below 4), elevated thyroid antibodies can exist. These antibodies, in particular Thyroid peroxidase (TPO)  can lead to

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • mood changes in pregnancy
  • impaired fertility and menstrual irregularities
  • autoimmune conditions
  • serious psychiatric conditions including bipolar disorders and schizophrenia.


Chemicals NOT to the rescue!

Also the role of chemicals in disturbing both thyroid function and the effectiveness of thyroid hormones is now being seen to be a significant problem. We are all exposed to chemicals known as EDCs .These chemicals are now considered ubiquitous and hard to avoid. Many are used as preservatives in food, disinfectants, medicines

These Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals unfortunately do exactly that. By interfering with our Endocrine (hormonal regulation) systems, they adversely affect many areas of our health, including thyroid, fertility and mental health, to name a few. It is vital to both reduce your exposure and improve your ability to metabolise and excrete these chemicals


At Viva Naturopathic Clinic, we recommend further testing to allow a more targeted treatment approach to your thyroid condition. In addition, we recognise that hypothyroidism is generally caused by an autoimmune condition, although nutrient deficiencies, chemical exposure and hormonal imbalances are also likely to contribute. We formulate a personalised treatment program that addresses the underlying causes of your condition, and helps you to get your bounce back.

We always advise clients to maintain their thyroxine prescription whilst undergoing their Naturopathic treatment.

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